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Agricultural Fair, Rodeo & Exhibition

The Greatest Show in the Peace

See you next year!
August 8-12, 2018

Outdoor Trade Fair

List of Vendors

List of 2017
Trade Fair Vendors:

British Columbia Lottery Corporation

Canadian Sky Trading


Elegant Trends Enterprises

Epic Brands

Gadgets and Things

Grey Wolf

Integra Air


Knot all Fun N Games

Life’s Little Luxuries by Leanne Jewelery

MHD Trading

Original Energy Sales

Prairie Toyota

The Cowboy Cellar

Airbrushed Cowboy Hats



Food Booths and Food Vendors

Apostolic Lighthouse

 Burgers (plain, cheese, loaded, double), taco, taco salad, poutine, fries (gravy), pronto pup

DC Community Church


 1 piece and 2 piecee fish and chips dinner, sweet potato fries, texas taters, single fries, mexi fries

Dawson Creek Canucks


 Burgers (plain, cheese, deluxe), canucks plates, corn dogs, hot dogs, onion rings, onion rings poutine, poutine, fries, nachoes in a bag, chips and candy

The Family Church (The   Tasty Dish)


 Day Shift (10:30 AM- 9:30 PM): Quesadias, Burito Grande, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Nachoes and pulled pork, dill pickle chips, onion rings

Late Night (10 PM- 1 AM): Mozza sticks, poutine, burgers (single, double, cheese, bacon and fried onions, tomato, lettuce), 

South Peace United Church


Breakfast (Wednesday-Saturday 7 AM- 10 AM): Eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and pancakes 

Hamburger (plain, cheese, toppings), chili in a bowl, chili and a bun, smokies, hot dogs, chili dog, fries (gravy), poutine, corn on the cob, corn dog, pie (w/ ice cream), freezies, fudgsicle

Big & Small Hole in the Wall Bannock Shop


B.V. on Wheels Mobile Pizza


Fry Daze N Enders


Its Jerky Time


Lemon Heaven


Mama G’s


Romaine Calm




Teryl’s Concession (2 locations)


Yummy Donuts





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