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Agricultural Fair, Rodeo & Exhibition

The Greatest Show in the Peace

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August 8-12, 2018


Poultry Division

Download Livestock Entry Form Pdf

Director: Staff

Judge: TBA

Download in PDF format: Rabbit /Poultry Entry Form

Rules & Regulations:

  • Refer to General Rules
  • All exhibitors must be a member of the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association. Membership is $3.00.
  • Breed name must be on entry tag

Entry Fee: $2.00 per class


  •  Entries are limited due to space.
  •  Each fowl will be allotted a number for outside their cage.
  •  All entries must be in the name of the owner.
  • Please pick up entry forms at Fair Office prior to entry or at the Rabbit & Poultry Division in the Heritage Building.

Entries will be accepted Wednesday, August 9, 2017 from 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Judging starts at 11:00 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

**All animals are under the care of exhibitor, organizers are not responsible for feeding animals during the fair, feed and water however will be provided. If there is an issue please contact Fair Co-ordinator Sydney Davies**
**There will be a $10 cage cleaning fee if designated cages are not cleaned by the end of the fair, no exceptions**

SECTION 73: Junior Poultry      
Rules & Regulations:
  •  Refer to General Rules
  •  Breed name must be on entry tag.

Entry Fee: $2.00 (or as Noted with Class)
Prize Money: 1st-$15 2nd-$12 3rd-$9 4th-$6 5th-$4

 1    Hens, meat or laying 
 2    Hens, and chicks 
 3    Fancy Hen 
 4    Turkey, spring birds, one pair 
 5    Ducks adult birds, one pair 
 6    Ducks, with gosslings 
Special Awards:
 * Poultry Overall Champion & Reserve Trophy for Champion & Ribbons 1st and 2nd from each class
      Sponsor: DCEA

Download Livestock Entry Form Pdf

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