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Agricultural Fair, Rodeo & Exhibition

The Greatest Show in the Peace

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August 8-12, 2018


Light Horse Division

Download Livestock Entry Form Pd

Download NRHA 2017 Patterns

Director: Peggy Bergeron 250-784-7819 peggyb@pris.ca

Committee: Debbie Pavlis, Tara Norman, Anna Comer, Gerry Bergeron, Claire Park, Jan Brekkas, and Jennifer Park
Judge:  Shirley Sauve

Judge Bio: I have been judging for 28 years, volunteering many hours at the beginning of my career, and worked my way up by shadow judging with well-respected accredited judges from basic to FEI Level in all disciplines. I have attended many seminars and clinics to keep current on rules and styles of most breeds of horses and equestrian disciplines. I am firm but fair and have empathy for those not having “the perfect show day”. My career has led me as far as Ireland as a delegate for the Canadian Connemara Pony Society, and across Canada last summer inspecting.  


Rules and Regulations

  • This Horse Show is based on the Horse Council Rule Book. www.hcbc.ca
  • For the wellbeing of all participating in Equine sporting activities, all contestants must be members of Horse Council BC Memberships can be purchased before the show by going online at www.hcbc.ca or calling 1-800-345-8055 for more information on coverage please contact Capri Insurance 1-800-670-1877
  • The Horse Show Committee will have the right to cancel, combine or limit classes at its discretion. Fees for cancelled classes will be refunded.
  • Stabling request and ENTRIES should be in Fair Office by August 5th , 2016. Ph: 250-782-8911, Fax: 250-782-8977.
  • Stalls will be allotted in the order requests are made. $15 nightly per stall rental fee. Payment must accompany entry forms.
  • Stall cleanup fee of $25 per stall, non- refundable
  • All cheques and money orders are to be made payable to the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association.
  • Horses stabled at the Lakota Centre can be hauled to grounds or walked/ridden to exhibitor gate by the 116th Ave main entrance or south gate for classes. NO HORSES ON SPECTATOR WALKING TRAILS.
  • If renting a stall at the Lakota Agriplex please book through Helga Morrison 250-782-1445, do not enter on this entry form.
  • South gate will be open for horse traffic to & from Light Horse Show ring.
    • Day parking trailers in south area only
  • No horse shall be allowed in the barns or on the grounds unless entered and shown in the fair.
  • Anyone showing in classes must be a member of the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association. Memberships are $3 and should be included with the entry fee.
  • POST ENTRIES – A late fee of $5.00 per class will be charged after Monday, August 7, 2017
  • Exhibitor is responsible to collect any payout and/or refund he/she has coming to them before 10:00 pm Sunday.
  • Registered horses must have registration papers available for inspection upon request.
  • All horses are subject to a health inspection by a qualified veterinarian at any time during the show. Diseased/drugged animals must be removed from the fair grounds and the owner will pay veterinarian expenses. If the horse is found to be disease/drug free, the expenses will be borne by the complainant.
  • All display exhibits and horses will be under the direction of the horse show committee, but are there solely at the risk of the exhibitor. The Exhibition Board and the horse show committee will not be responsible for damage, injury, loss or theft of any exhibit or injury to any exhibitor.
  • Every exhibitor is responsible for his/her own exhibits and horses. Water will be provided on the grounds. First bedding of shavings will be available.
  • All judges decisions will be final. Protests must be made to the horse show steward, in writing by 6pm Sunday August 14, 2016, accompanied by a deposit of $25. Deposit shall be forfeit if the protest is denied.


Contestants entering a class specifically designed for:

  • Junior A: 15-18 years (must not have reached 19th birthday by Jan1, 2017)
  • Junior B: 11-14 years (must not have reached 15th birthday by Jan 1, 2017)
  • Junior C: Under 11 (must not have reached 11th birthday by Jan 1, 2017)
  • NOTE: NO Cross entries between junior age groups. Juniors may enter open classes.

                NO cross entries of Juniors in walk/trot classes.

 ***All Junior contestants are required by Horse Council BC rules to wear helmets in all classes on the ground or in the saddle


Entry Fees: for classes, unless otherwise specified, are:

  • Halter, Open and Senior Classes: $10 per class
  • Junior A, B and C Classes: $5 per class
  • Stakes Classes: $20 or $30 per class (as stated by class)

Prize Money: unless otherwise stated, will be as follows.

Prizes and ribbons for Showmanship, Western Horsemanship and English Equtation.

  • Senior and Open- 1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th- $30
  • Junior A, B and C- 1st-$55 2nd-$45 3rd-$35 4th- $25
  • Western, English Pleasure, and Jumper Pleasure Stakes: $400 added.
  • Trail and Reining Stakes: $200 added.
  • Payout for stakes classes will be from total entry fees collected (less 10% for show fees) plus added sponsor money and will be divided up

Light Horse Division, The Greatest Show in the Peace 2016 as follows: : 1st – 40%: 2nd – 30%: 3rd – 20%: 4th – 10%

  • High Point Blanket for “Champion: Western, English, Jumper and Junior Horse”.
  • High Point division prize for senior, Jr A, Jr B, Jr C in English classes.
  • High Point division prize for senior, Jr A, Jr B, Jr C in Western classes

Classes with (*) notation will be included in the calculation of high point awards.

  • We encourage people to put displays in the barns describing their horse for the public’s knowledge



  • All exhibitors shall wear numbers on their backs or both sides of saddle pad. Only one number is to be shown at a time. Any exhibitors using the wrong number in the ring, or having no number, may be excused from the class or may be disqualified in the event of a subsequent protest.
  • Contestant must be in the holding ring 10 minutes before their class. Once the show ring gate is closed and the Judge is told that this is his/her class, no further entries will be allowed.
  • Any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the official on part of the owner, groom, rider or driver may disqualify a horse from adjudication.
  • Horses shall not be punished unnecessarily or severely. This will be at the discretion of the Show Committee.
  • Junior horses 5 years and under, may be ridden two-hand snaffle bit or bosal.
  • A ‘novice horse’ is a horse in their first 12 months of showing.
  • No stallion may be handled by a Junior exhibitor for any class.


Light Horse Show:  Thursday, August 10, 2017 @ 01:00 PM, Reining
Light Horse Show:  Friday, August 11, 2017 @ 12:00 PM, Halter, Showmanship, Trail
Light Horse Show:  Saturday, August 12, 2017 @ 08:30 AM, Western, Fun Classes, English
Light Horse Show:  Sunday, August 13, 2017 @ 08:30 AM, Hunter

** Complimentary coffee and light breakfast will be available for the light horse show division on each morning starting at 8:15 am in the tent by the announcer’s booth.** “Made with love from our local Hug a Mug”

** Patterns will be posted on the fair website, the announcer’s booth and copies available.

Light Horse Division Sponsor List

Peavey Mart – Dan Aarts, Manager

Dawson Co-operative Union

Aspol Motors Ltd.

Tumbleweed Enterprises Ltd – Dave and Mary Comer & family

Gerry’s Well Service – The York Family

Park Trucking – Rob and Clare Park

Stables and Arena Association

The Bergeron Family – Gerry, Peggy, Sabrina and Anna

The Pavlis Family – Tim, Debbie, Jenica and Jillian

Reg Norman Trucking Ltd.

Peace River Building and Feed Store

8 Seconds Western Wear – Fort St John

R-Training, Farrier and Chiropractic Therapy – Reba DeKock

Full Spectrum Line Locating –Tom and Dale Dean

Johnson Farms – Chad, Andrea and Helen Johnson

Green Hawk – Grande Prairie

Rein-in Tack – Chetwynd

Longhorn Oilfield Services

Kali Ann Transport Ltd. – Don and Jan Brekkas

Jocks Restoration – Jock and Judy McConnell

Red Valley Farms – Dan and Anna Peters

Hilltop Blondes… Beef Raised Naturally – Reba DeKock

Colleen Millsap and Cindy Benn

Dahlen Contracting Oilfield Construction


***Western Champion blanket sponsored by Colleen and Shane Patterson

***English Champion Blanket sponsored by Stables & Arena

***High Point Senior Western buckle donated by the Pavlis family- Tim and Debbie

***High Point Junior A Western buckle donated by Kali Ann Transport Ltd (Don & Jan Brekkas)

***High Point Junior B Western buckle donated by Gerry’s Well Service

***High Point Junior C Western buckle donated by R Park Trucking

***High Point Senior English blanket donated by Tumbleweed Enterprises Ltd

***High Point Junior A English blanket donated by Full Spectrum Line Locating

***High Point Junior B English blanket donated by Aspol Motors Ltd

***High Point Junior C English blanket donated by R-Training, Farrier & Chiropractic Therapy

**Junior Horse blanket sponsored by Helga Morrison and Neal Lewis

***High Point jumper blanket sponsored by Reg Norman Trucking (Neal Norman)

*Sportsmanship coolers for Junior rider and Senior rider sponsored by Equestrian Options and Peace    Building Supplies


SECTION 57: Light Horse Open Stall Decoration   Rules & Regulations:

  • The Light Horse Division will award prizes to the best decorated stalls during the four days of the Dawson Creek Fall Fair.
  • Be Creative: Promote your breed.
  • Use your imagination and you could WIN !!!!

Entry Fee: None



Prizes only for stall decorating sponsored by ‘Rein in Tack’ of Chetwynd, BC

    *** Winner will be announced Saturday late afternoon – Please leave your decorations up throughout the weekend for all to see

SECTION 58: Reining      
  • Announcer: TBA

Schedule: Thursday, August 10, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

Sponsor: R Park Trucking And The Bergeron Family
Entry Fee: 

  Junior:  $5 
  Open:  $10 
  Senior:  $10 
  Stakes:  $20 
Prize Money: 
  Senior:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 
  Junior:  1st-$55 2nd-$45 3rd-$35 4th-$25 
  Open:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 
 1    *Reining, Senior – Pattern 2 
 2    *Reining Junior A – Pattern 13 
 3    *Reining Junior B – Modified Pattern 5
 4    *Reining Junior C – Pattern 12
 5    ^^Reining Junior horse – Open.Rider may show one or two handed in any legal bit. – Pattern 5
 6    Green as Grass Open – Pattern 11 – 0 lifetime earnings (may show one handed or two handed in any legal bit)
 7    ** Novice Jack Benny Prime Tim Classic – Open to valid non-pro Reiner aged 40 and over. Rider may show one or two handed in any legal bit – Modified Pattern 4
8   Reining Open – Pattern 6
 9   Reining Stakes, $200 added – Open – Pattern 7
Download DCEA 2016 patterns PDF File
SECTION 59: Halter      

Schedule: Friday, August 11, 2017 @ 12:00PM
Announcer: Carl Crantz

Sponsor: DCEA & The Dawson Creek Co-Op

Entry Fee: $10.00

Prize Money: 
  Halter:  1st-$50 2nd-$40 3rd-$30 4th-$20 
 1    Grade Mare or Gelding 2 years & over
 2    Registered Mare/Gelding 2 years – unspecified breed
 3    Registered Yearling unspecified breed Registered
 4    Registered Mare 3 years & over – unspecified breed
 5    Registered Gelding 3 years & over – unspecified breed
 6    Pony class registered or unregistered must be 14.2 and under. No cross entries in other halter classes.
 7    Registered Stallion 2 years & over – unspecified breed
 8*   Grand Champion Halter Horse of show 1st & 2nd place horses from Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will receive Grooming kits. Sponsored by the Dawson Creek Co-op in memory of Linda Burkholder

SECTION 60: Showmanship      
  • Showmanship classes receive ribbons and prizes.

Sponsor: Peavey Mart
Entry Fee: 

  Junior:  $5 
  Senior:  $10 
 9    *Showmanship, Senior 
 10    *Showmanship, Junior A 
 11    *Showmanship, Junior B 
 12    *Showmanship, Junior C 

SECTION 61: Trail / Bridle Path      
Entry Fee: 
  Junior:  $5 
  Open:  $10 
  Senior:  $10 
  Stakes:  $20 
Prize Money: 
  Senior:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 
  Junior:  1st-$55 2nd-$45 3rd-$35 4th-$25 
  Open:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 

***In hand trail class and Junior A, B, and C Trail Classes sponsored by: R-Training, Farrier & Chiropractic Therapy – Reba DeKock

*** Senior classes sponsored by Tumbleweed Enterprises Ltd.

 13    ‘In hand’ 2 year old Trail class
 14    (*)Trail Class: Junior C 
 15    (*)Trail Class: Junior B 
 16    Novice Horse Open (horse must be in first 12 months of showing) judged at a walk/trot and lope

 ** Over 40 Prime Time classic trail Novice Jack Benny

      Less than 3 years show exp. 

 18    ^^Trail Class: Junior Horse – Open (horse must be 5 years and under)
 19    (*)Trail Class: Junior A
 20    (*)Trail Class: Senior 
 21    Trail Class Stakes: $200 added
    Sponsor: Tumbleweed Enterprises Ltd.

SECTION 62: Western Pleasure      

Schedule: Saturday, August 12, 2017 @ 8:30AM
Announcer: Debbie Pavlis

Rules & Regulations:

  • To be judged 60% on manners and performance, 30% on conformation, and 10% on appointments.

Sponsor: Gerry’s Well Service Classes 2-5
Entry Fee: 

  Junior:  $5 
  Open:  $10 
  Senior:  $10 
  Stakes:  $30 
Prize Money: 
  Senior:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 
  Open:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 
  Junior:  1st-$55 2nd-$45 3rd-$35 4th-$25 
 1    Western Pleasure Novice Horse Open Horse in first year of showing under saddle.
 2    ** Novice Jack Benny over 40 – (Show experience of 3 years or less)
 3    (*)Western Pleasure, Senior
 4    (*)Western Pleasure, Junior A
 5    (*)Western Pleasure, Junior B
 6    (*) Western Pleasure, Junior C
 7     ^^ Western Pleasure, Junior Horse Open, may be ridden two hand snaffle bit or hackmore
 8    Champion Western Pleasure Horse, 1st place from classes 3 – 7
9   Western Pleasure Stakes, $600 added
*** Champion Western Pleasure blanket donated by Colleen Patterson in memory of Rhonda Lang

SECTION 63: Western Horsemanship      

Sponsor: Dawson Creek Co-op and Peavey Mart 
Entry Fee: 

  Junior:  $5 
  Open:  $10 
  Senior:  $10 
 10   (*)Western Horsemanship, Senior 
 11   (*)Western Horsemanship, Junior A 
 12   (*)Western Horsemanship, Junior B 
 13   (*)Western Horsemanship, Junior C 
    Prize Money for classes 14 and 15
 14   Novice Western Rider Open. Must be in first year of showing or not shown for 5 years.
15   Western Riding Open

SECTION 64: Fun      
  • First place prize only.

Sponsor: Dawson Creek Co-op and Peavey Mart
Entry Fee:

  Junior:  $5 
 16   Command Class- Senior 
 17    Command Class- Junior A 
 18   Command Class – Junior B and C 
 19   Matched Pairs
 20   Grooms class (cannot be entered in any other class in the regular section)  
 21   Ride a five (winner takes all) ***no entry fee at the office just bring your fives
    *Costume change break 20 minutes*
 22   Costume class – Open
    Sponsored by: Johnson Farms (Chad, Andrea, and Helen Johnson)

SECTION 65: Lead Line, Walk Trot, Costume      
  • Classes receive ribbons and prizes
  • Lead line & walk trot $5.00 (only for walk trot level and no cross entries into regular junior classes)

Sponsor: Peace Building Supply FSJ

 23    Lead Line – Dedicated in memory of Audrey Berry 
 24    Walk Trot Command 
 25   Trail Class – Walk Trot
 26    Short Stirrup Reining (Walk Trot)
SECTION 66: English Pleasure      
Entry Fee: 
  Junior:  $5 
  Senior:  $10 
Prize Money: 
  Senior:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 
  Junior:  1st-$55 2nd-$45 3rd-$35 4th-$25 
 27   English Pleasure Novice Horse – Open Horse in first year of showing
 28    *English Pleasure, Senior 
 29    *English Pleasure, Junior A 
 30    *English Pleasure, Junior B 
 31    *English Pleasure, Junior C 
 32   **English Pleasure, Junior horse – Open  horse must be under 5 years.
 33    *Champion English Pleasure 1st place classes 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32
 34    English Pleasure Stakes $600 added

Champion English Pleasure sponsored by Longhorn Oilfield Services

SECTION 67: English Equitation      
  • Equitation classes will receive ribbons and prizes.

Sponsor: Dawson Creek Co-Op and Peavey Mart
Entry Fee: 

  Junior:  $5 
  Senior:  $10 
 35    *English Equitation, Senior, basic seat 
 36   *English Equitation, Junior A, basic seat 
 37    *English Equitation, Junior B, basic seat 
 38    *English Equitation, Junior C, basic seat sponsored by 8 Seconds Fort St. John
    Prize money for classes 39, 40, 41, 42, and 43
39   (*) Road Hack, Jr. A and Senior
40   (*) Road Hack, Junior B & C
41   (*) Working Hunter under Saddle, Junior A & Senior Rider
42   (*) Working Hunter under Saddle, Junior B & C


SECTION 1: Hunter      
Schedule: Sunday, August 13, 2017 @ 8:30AM
Rules & Regulations:
  • All hunters will be judged on their manners and way of moving according to the conformation or working hunter scoring rules. (E.C.)

Announcer: Anna Comer
Entry Fee: 

  Junior:  $5 
  Open:  $10 
  Senior:  $10 
Prize Money: 
  Senior:  1st-$50 2nd-$40 3rd-$30 4th-$20 
  Open:  1st-$50 2nd-$40 3rd-$30 4th-$20 
  Junior:  1st-$55 2nd-$45 3rd-$35 4th-$25 

Green hunter Open (2’ maximum),  (Prizes only for #1 class – sponsored by ‘Rein in Tack’)

Horse or Rider must be in first or second year of hunter jumping

 2    (*)Hunter, Junior Open, (2’ maximum) 
 3    (*)Hunter, Junior B & C (2’3″ maximum) 
 4    (*)Hunter, Junior A & Senior (2’3″ maximum) 
5   (*)Hunter, Junior B & C (2’6″ maximum)
6   (*)Hunter, Senior & Junior A (2’6″ maximum)

High Point Prize for Hunter Classes 2, 3, 4, and 5 Sponsored by Hilltop Blondes… Beef Raised Naturally (Reba DeKock)

SECTION 69: Jumper      
Rules & Regulations:
  • Can be ridden at any gait. Judged on performance only as per “Jumper Drive A Table Rules”
  • – faults for each knock down
  • – 4 faults for first refusal
  • – 2nd refusal, elimination
  • – Fall of horse or rider, elimination
  • All classes will be timed. The Jumps will not be raised. All clear rounds will be an immediate jump off.


  • *** High point calculated on 3 consecutive classes ***
  • Please note stakes classes are not considered for high point or as one of the consecutive classes.

Entry Fee: 

  Junior:  $5 
  Open:  $10 
  Senior:  $10 
  Stakes:  $30 
Prize Money: 
  Senior/Open:  1st-$60 2nd-$50 3rd-$40 4th-$30 
  Junior:  1st-$55 2nd-$45 3rd-$35 4th-$25 
 7    Baby Green Jumper Open (2 ft), Horse or rider must be in first or second year of jumping. 
 8   (*)Jumper, Junior B & C (2′ 3″ maximum) 
 9    (*)Jumper, Junior A (2′ 3″ maximum) 
 10    (*)Jumper, Senior (2′ 3″ maximum) 
 11   (*)Jumper, Senior & Junior A (2′ 6″ maximum) 
 12    (*)Jumper, Junior B & C (2′ 6″ maximum) 
 13   (*)Jumper, Junior B & C (2′ 9″ maximum) 
 14    (*)Jumper, Junior A (2′ 9″ maximum) 
 15    (*)Jumper, Senior (2′ 9″ maximum) 
 16    (*) Jumper Open (3′ maximum)
 17    Jumper Stakes, (3′ maximum) $400 added
    Entry Fee: $30.00
 18   Table C Speed Class, Open (3′ 3″ maximum) 
 19   Open Jumper (3′ 6″ maximum) 

High Point Jumper blanket donated by Reg Norman Trucking 


Download Livestock Entry Form Pdf

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