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Agricultural Fair, Rodeo & Exhibition

The Greatest Show in the Peace

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August 8-12, 2018


Adult Horticulture Division

Director: Kara Green 

Rules & Regulations:

  • Refer to General Rules.
  • Exhibits will be accepted at the Horiculture Building.
  • One entry per class from garden and must be grown in exhibitor’s own garden.
  • All entry tags must be filled in before the entry is brought to the table.
  • Only one entry per class.
  • Remove all dead, damaged and unnecessary foliage and flowers. No foliage should be in (under) the water in the container.
  • Please use a container of appropriate size for your entry.
  • If possible, please state variety name as well as class name on entry tag (i.e. Petunia – Sugar Daddy) .
  • Uniformity is very important. Please select blooms of the same color and size.
  • To preserve your cut flower entry add 1 tsp. sugar to 1 gallon of water with 1 tsp. bleach. Poppies & other cut flowers that bleed , when you cut them, immediately sear the end in a lighter flame for 30 sec. or until sap bubbles. Let it cool until sap hardens, place stem in Sugar/Bleach solution. Flower will stay upright and fresh for at least 3 days.
  • Cut your flowers in late afternoon the day before they are to be exhibited. Place the flowers immediately in water that has been set out in the garden all day. Cutting should be done at about 4 pm, since at that time there is the greatest amount of sugar in the leaves; unless it is extremely hot weather, at which time cutting in the early morning is optimum. Keep flowers in water, in a cool, dark place overnight.
  • Potted plants should be in clean containers. Should have clean foliage & no dead flowers.
  • Show begonias, pansies, marigolds, nasturtiums and petunias mounted through foil over an appropriate sized container.
  • Plants must be free of disease and insects.
  • Please ensure exhibit is entered in the right class or it will not be judged.
  • No prize will be awarded if the Judge does not consider the exhibit to be of sufficient merit.
  • Remove pollen heads – Lilies.

Note: changes made to the day and time of judging.

ENTRIES: 9:00am to 6:00 pm Wednesday August 9, 2017.

JUDGING: 7:00pm to 9:00 pm Wednesday August 9, 2017.

Exhibits will be open for viewing Thursday & Friday 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm & Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

SunFlower Growing Contest
Win West Coast Amusements all day ride pass. Open to all children up to 12 years. Bring your best Sunflower and enter to win one of two prizes. Sunflowers will be judged with a first prize awarded in one of the following two categories.
– Tallest
– Biggest Flower Head
Drop your entry off at the Horticulture Building Thursday August 10th 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Judging will take place 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Sponsored by the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association
Horticulture Division

Sponsor: The Dawson Creek Exhibition Association
Prize: Ribbon from Alberta Horticultural Assoc.

SECTION 47: Cut Flowers      
Prize Money: 1st-$6 2nd-$4 3rd-$3
 1    Snapdragons, Standard Any Color 3 Spikes (Over 6″) 
 2    Asters, quilled types (spider, tiger, paw etc) single, any color, 3 blooms 
 3    Begonias, any form, any color, 1 bloom on foil 
 4    Calendulas, any color, 3 blooms 
 5    Bachelor Button, 3 sprays 
 7   Dahlias, Cacti, 1 bloom 
 8   Dahlias, under 6″, 1 bloom 
 9    Gladioli, 1 spike, any color 
 10    Gladioli, miniature, 1 spike , any color 
 11    Lavatera, 3 sprays 
 12   Lily, hardy, named, Asiatic up-facing , 1 stem 
 13   Lily, hardy, named, Asiatic outfacing, 1 stem 
 16   Lily, oriental, named, 1 stem 
 17   Marigold, tall ,african, 1 bloom on foil 
 18    Marigold, short double french, 6 blooms on foil 
 19    Nasturtiums, single, 6 blooms on foil 
 20   Petunias, double, 3 blooms on foil 
 21    Petunias, single plain, 3 blooms on foil 
 22   Petunias, single ruffled, 3 blooms on foil 
 23   Pansies, one color, 6 blooms on foil 
 24   Pansies, any color, 6 blooms on foil 
 25    Ornamental Grasses, 1 type 3 stems 
 26   Rose, Hybrid tea, 1 bloom 
 27    Rose, “Rugosa” or shrub type, 1 stalk 
 28   Rose, miniature, 1 stalk 
 29    Rose, “Adelaide Hoodless”, 1 stalk 
 30   Sweet peas, one color, 6 stems 
 31   Sweet peas, mixed colors, 6 stems 
 32    Sunflower “ornamental type” 1 bloom 
 33   Delphinium, 1 Spike 
 34    Any other annual, not listed , 3 stalks or sprays 
 35    Any other perennial/biennial , 3 stalks or sprays 
Best in Class Prize: $50
Arlene Terry Memorial Award:
 * Most Points in Section 47
      Prize Money: $25.00

SECTION 48: Collections      
Prize Money: 1st-$6 2nd-$4 3rd-$3
 36    Garden Annuals, 6 Kinds 2 Of Each 
 37    Any Garden Flowers 
 38    Perennials/Biennial, 4 Kinds 2 Of Each 

Best in Class Prize: $50

SECTION 50: Container Grown Plants      
  • Hanging Planters (Class 1 – 5).
  • Patio Containers (Class 6 – 8). Not to exceed 24″ including container any height allowed.

Prize Money: 1st-$8 2nd-$6 3rd-$4

 1   Begonia – any variety, not over 3 tubers, hanging 
 2    Fuchsia – any variety, hanging 
 3    Geranium- any variety, hanging 
 4    Any one variety, hanging 
 5    Mixed hanging planter containing several kinds of plants. 
Best in Class Prize: $50

SECTION 51: Arrangements      
  • Use fresh flowers unless stated. Accessories not to be used unless stated.
  • Suggestion: Height of arrangement = 1/3 container , 2/3 flowers.
  • Try to use containers that relate to the type and size of the flowers – color, size, shape, texture.

Prize Money: 1st-$8 2nd-$6 3rd-$4

 1    Celebration – a table centrepiece arrangement, not more than 12″ high and 18″ wide, viewed from all sides, fresh flowers only
 2    Recycled or Rusty – an arrangement of fresh flowers and local foliage in used container
 3    A Tisket, A Tasket – SPECIAL CLASS: an arrangement in a basket, viewed from all sides, fresh flowers only.
 5    Coffee Club – an arrangement in a coffee mug
 7    Paint me a picture – fresh flowers using colours white pink & purple
 8    Original Creative Arrangement 
 9    Miniature arrangement – not over 5″ in any direction, including container
 10    One Rose in Rose Bowl – using one rose – Please have rose inside of bowl, not under water, may be attached to pin or oasis (not visible), own foliage not necessarily attached
 11    Tea Time – an arrangement in tea cup and saucer, fresh flowers
 12    Qt Canning Jar – arrangement wildflowers 
Ruth Potter Memorial Award

Most Points in Section 52

      Prize Money: $25.00

SECTION 52: Fruit      
Prize Money: 1st-$8 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
 1    Raspberries, not hulled, 6 
 2    Strawberries, not hulled, 6 
 3    Red Currants, in cluster, small plate 
 4    Black Currants, in cluster, small plate 
 5    Any other berry, 6 on a small plate 
 6    Gooseberries, 6 on a small plate 
 7    Apple, applecrabs or crabapples, 3 of one variety, on small plate. 
 8    Rhubarb 4 stalks, tied in three places 
    Prize Money: $13.00
    Sponsor: Rubarb To Roses
 9    Collection of small fruit , 3 kinds, 3 of each, cultivated and named.
 10    Any other fruit not named above excluding berries 3 each, Fruit must be named.

SECTION 53: Vegetables      
Rules & Regulations:
  • Some vegetables may be displayed in water (i.e. lettuce, swiss chard)
  • Entries should be clean, but not scrubbed
  • When possible, please state variety name as well as class name on entry form (i.e.Potatoes, red – pontiac) This would be beneficial with new or heirloom varieties.
  • Quantities must be exhibited as called for in each classification. Otherwise exhibit will be disqualified.
  • Specimens should be as uniform as possible in colour, maturity, shape and size.
  • Size should be moderate, not large; practically all oversize garden vegetables are coarse, rough and low quality.


  • How To Prepare Your Vegetable Entries:
  • Beans: Trim stems to 1/2″
  • Beets: Trim tops to 1″, leave roots intact
  • Broccoli: Bunches should be trimmed to about 7″ in length. Note: keep under refrigeration until exhibit to prevent flowerets from opening.
  • Cabbage: Trim stalk, leaving one or two of the outer leaves on. Heads should be uniform & firm.
  • Carrots: Trim tops to 1/2″, leave roots intact note: length is determined by edible portion.
  • Cauliflower: Remove stalk and large leaves.Trim off remaining leaves just below the level of the curd.
  • Kohlrabi: Trim roots and leaf stems close to the bulb.
  • Lettuce:Remove roots and small or damaged outside leaves. May be exhibited in water.
  • Onions: Trim roots and tops to 1/2″, remove only the dirty outer scales, do not wash.
  • Peppers: Leave stems on
  • Potatoes: No greening or scabs. Do not wash, just brush off the dry soil
  • Rhubarb: Stalks to be uniform in size and color, tops trimmed to 1″ , leave roots intact, but clean.
  • Rutabaga: Tops trimmed to 1″, Roots intact

Prize Money: 1st-$6 2nd-$4 3rd-$3

 1    Beans, yellow 6 pods 
 2    Beans, green 6 pods 
 3    Beets, any variety, 3 
 4    Cabbage, green, 1 head 
 5    Carrots, under 7″, 3 
 6    Carrots, over 7″, 3 
 7    Cauliflower, 1 head 
 8    Cucumber, pickling, 2 
 9    Cucumber, slicing, 2 
 10    Kohlrabi, 2 
 11    Lettuce, leaf lettuce, 1 
 12    Romaine, 1 
 13    Onions, 3 
 14    Peas, sugar snap, 6 
 15    Peas, regular, 6 pods 
 16    Potatoes, white, 3 
 17    Potatoes, red or purple, 3 
 18    Zucchini, (6″ to 8″) with stem, 2 
 19    Tomatos red ripe, 2 
 20    Swiss Chard, 1 plant 
 21    Tomatoes, green, over 3″ – 2 
 22    Tomatoes, green, under 3″ – 2 
 23    Tomato ripe, 2 any other color 
 24    Red Cabbage, 1 head 
 25    Any Vegetable not listed above 1 variety, Celery, Corn, Squash etc.
 26    Oddest Vegetable 
 27    SALAD BOWL SPECIAL CLASS: Display of Salad Vegetables, tastefully arranged in suitable container not to exceed 18″. Must be 5 or more kinds. Judged on quality, freshness and attractiveness. Vegetables not cut up.
    Prize Money: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
    Sponsor: Barbara Rose
 28    VEGETABLE SOUP SPECIAL CLASS: Collection of Vegetable suitable for soup, must consist of at least 6 kinds, must be named. Collection should be creatively displayed.
    Prize Money: 1st-$20 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
    Sponsor: Rhubarb to Roses
 29    FRESH HERBS SPECIAL CLASS: Collection of fresh herbs, at least 5 kinds named, displayed in water 2 sprigs or blades of each in a single container.
    Prize Money: 1st-$10 2nd-$6 3rd-$4
    Sponsor: Janice Dagasso
Special Awards:
 * Best Exhibit In Vegetables (Special Classes: 27 – 29)
      Prize Money: 1st-$50.00
      Sponsor: Olde Creek Store

SECTION 47: Greenhouse      
Prize Money: 1st-$6 2nd-$4 3rd-$3
 1    Cucumbers, with stems, pickling 2 
 2    Cucumbers, with stems, slicing 2 
 3    Cucumbers, English, with stems, 2 
 4    Tomatoes, ripe, with stems, over 3″, 2 
 5    Tomatoes, ripe, with stems, under 3″, 2 
 6    Tomatoes, green, with stems, over 3″, 2 
 7    Tomatoes, green, with stems, under 3″, 2 
 8    Tomato cluster, any variety, 1 
 9    Peppers. Bell, 2 
 10    Any other vegetable not listed, 1 
 11    Any other Peppers, 2 
12   Any plant grown in greenhouse
Special Awards:
 * Best Exhibit In Greenhouses (classes 1 – 12)
      Gift Certificate: $25.00
      Sponsor: Hillside Garden Company
Special Awards:
 * Vi Wild Memorial Award. Highest Points. (Vegetable Classes 1 – 26)
      Prize Money: 1st-$25.00

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